What They Say

There are only 3 images today and they’re not great. 🙂 However, I’m learning something new, and figuring out the workflow, so these are just training. Getting good at it will require hauling my tripod with me. I’ll have to dust it off.

Meanwhile, I think I told you when I first arrived, almost 4 years ago, that people kept asking me why I would move here. They were (and are) truly puzzled. I told them to look around. This was not convincing.

The other day a friend of mine interrupted our conversation about the wood he’s bringing me to pose a question. “I have to ask,” he said, “why don’t you spend more time on the mainland? I mean, you come here from a big city. Don’t you miss the excitement?”

I guess we want what we haven’t had because, honestly, if the “City is Excitement”, I’m excited out. I told him there was enough here on the Island to suit me. He just shook his head.

Another friend has casually referred to me as a “tree hugger”. Pressed to explain himself, he said it was obvious because I object so strongly to littering?!?

I know there was a lot of speculation about me and my choice of the Island when I first arrived. I was “that woman” who bought a place online without visiting first.

The other day I learned that there were even more theories than I realized. I was speaking to a friend on the phone, and I don’t remember how it came up, but she told me that when I first arrived there were those who were convinced I was in Witness Protection.

After all, the logic went, I moved all the way across the Country … by myself. What other possible reason could there be?

I’m thinking this might be a rumour I should casually nurture. Maybe I can convince people I’m “connected” … my words might carry more weight when I see them toss beer cans. 🙂

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