Don’t Panic

It’s the weekend so the scallop boats are tied up at the various docks. Most of them are shocked out, but there are trucks lined up indicating crews scrambling to finish removing the meat from shells before they can offload their catch.

We have two big storms forecast for this week which will make things difficult. For me it just means that I will spend some dedicated time making sure I have enough firewood inside to sit them out. There is no point in proving I can brave the elements if I don’t have to. πŸ™‚

I’ll have enough trouble persuading the dog to wear his winter gear. Which reminds me – I never told you that a kind (and anonymous) person came by one day while we were out and dropped off some sweaters for him. I’m not sure he appreciates the gesture as much as I do, but he should!

One of the other things I haven’t told you is that I’ve gone deaf. Oh, I don’t mean a little hard of hearing. I mean I’ve lost about 95%. If somebody is standing 3 feet away from me I can have a conversation with them. If they – as a friend insists on doing – sit in another room and mumble into their beard it’s like the baseline in a rock song – background noise. Don’t even try to talk to me on the phone.

Just to add to the excitement I’ve got tinnitus in both ears. Luckily it’s not the whistling or whatever the other options are – it’s the hissing kind. The good news is that vertigo doesn’t hit me until I lie down so I only have occasional bouts of dizziness when I stand up too fast. I keep the phone with me at all times. sigh

I’ve been taking advantage of the wonders of modern technology during this phase of life’s adventure. Don’t ever underestimate the power of closed captioning! πŸ™‚

Chris, our local Nurse Practitioner, and I are working through a number of theories. This happened to me years ago – albeit only in one ear – and it turned out to be a result of me eating apples. So it’s possibly a rare side effect of one of the medications I’m on (the only kind I get) or I’ve developed an intolerance to something I eat/drink regularly. It’s taking a while to eliminate potential causes.

My only fear is that the villain will be something I really, really love – like coffee. If it is I’ll have a very difficult decision to make – you wouldn’t like me without my coffee.

If we can’t figure it out he wants me to go to Saint John for a hearing test. The Clinic has sent through the paperwork and it only remains (they said) for me to “call and make the appointment”. “Really?” I replied. “Do you think I could do that by text?”


  1. oh dear. the deafness is not a good thing. i too have tinnitus but mine is like a constant fan or wind noise – not too loud but always kind of there in the background. i hope your issues are a side-effect of something that can be replaced. i hear you about the coffee, however. *hugs* otoh – honestly – how much of what people say to us these days are anything we want to hear???? *grin*

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