Same Old


I took the first photo after much of the first windstorm had subsided. We got lots of it – and more overnight. The cats are really jumpy because the wind jacks the windows wide open on the sun porch (no I can’t lock them because I can’t move all the drywall in front to get to the controls) and the door slams open.

I’m not posting too much these days because you don’t want to keep reading about herring and road trips. My life consists mostly of these two things at the moment – but it’s a good life. 🙂

The latest new news is that my replacement lens is in transit. (cue Happy Dance) It’ll arrive in plenty of time for the beginning of lobster season.

The last image is also post-windstorm. That boat the men are working on sank yesterday. It’s obviously back up and the contents are being cleaned and dried.

The motor though? ouch


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  1. This comment should be tacked to one of your puffin pix, but I’m too lazy. I was looking through my Flickr feed of other people’s pictures. 99% of them are from SL. A couple of them made me stop and look because they were very realistic pictures of puffins. For a second I thought they might be yours. Then I realized, no, Second Life. And, oh, the non-ironic caption of “Parrots” might have been a clue, too. 😀

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