Something New in the Neighbourhood


No the title doesn’t refer to anything spooky. 🙂 As it happens the latest arrival in the Harbour is not a fishing boat. The Campobello Whale Rescue Team has a new, very fast, and very pretty tool.

It’s dangerous work (you might remember the tragic death in 2017 of a team member) and can often put them at odds with fishermen and government agencies alike. I admire their passion, dedication, and skill, and shall remain neutral in all disputes. 🙂


The new boat was originally scheduled to be launched a while ago. Sadly a key member of the team passed away hours before that was to happen. They picked one of our few clear days to finally get her in the water.

Everything about her is so new that the computer won’t allow them to test the maximum speeds of the motors yet. I’m pretty certain they won’t wait long.

The name has not been announced yet. That will happen at the local school next week – the students came up with it so they get to be present at the reveal.


In other news there are tourists arriving on the Island. Strangers are power walking around and I’m back to trying to decipher license plates. I suspect they are very disappointed in our weather.

We alternate downpours and sun. Today is clear, which means it was 35F when a lobster boat woke me up this morning.

I do have buds on the lilacs and a couple of tulips popped up. I’m also getting a voice yelling frost warnings on my phone.


I’m Canadian and we do tend to go on about the weather at length, still the people in this area are tough and there usually isn’t the level of complaints I would have expected.

I was in St. Stephen yesterday and heard some older gentlemen discussing our current conditions. Note that these are people who don’t flinch at -30. They just get on with things.

However, they do insist on all 4 seasons. Mother Nature would blush at the language they were using to describe our return to November.




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