I’m a Wuss


We’ve been having wind. However, we’re not Newfoundland so the winds haven’t been hurricane force.

We’ve been getting snow. However, we’re not Newfoundland so the amount isn’t over 3 feet.

I’m not, therefore, complaining. Just reporting.


The storm arrived Saturday night and I went out yesterday morning to take a look. Fish and a friend of his were with me and they got out to play at the Lighthouse and then later tore up the wharf.

I didn’t get a shot at the Harbour – was too busy trying to keep them from knocking each other into the water.

He’s still very small and still funny looking. 🙂


Earlier on Saturday a friend and I went to visit somebody in the St. John Regional Hospital. Afterwards we had to go to the hospital in St. Stephen to get my companion checked out.

All of this means I was, once again, driving home through Maine in the dark. I hate doing that. The good news is that we beat the storm. The only thing worse than those country roads at night is those country roads at night in a storm.


I’ve finally been able to articulate why it bothers me so much. It’s because I can’t see where I’m going. This is what comes of driving for decades in cities – you develop unreasonable expectations.

Oh sure, you use your high beams but they point straight ahead. I can’t see the top or bottom of a hill and I can’t anticipate any of the turns in the road.

When you drive in the daytime you (or at least I) look way ahead to see what’s coming/where you’re going. This isn’t possible in the dark.


I love living here and adding street lights is not only impractical but would erase the whole “we’re in the country” atmosphere. Still there has to be a better way.

I’ve got the yellow night goggles for drivers – meh. What I need is smart headlights. Either that or somebody is going to have to start massaging my neck and shoulders on those drives.

I really don’t need to acquire any new phobias/neuroses at this age. What is needed is a superpower. I’ll get to work on that.



  1. Last 2 photos really resonate with me!! I was happy that most of the snow missed us – maybe 2 inches before it started turning to rain. and even HAPPIER that my heretofore next-door teenage lad showed up and shoveled not only our walk but the driveway before it turned to rain. Of course, even had he not the next day would have melted everything. But it’s very good to know that he still exists and still considers dealing with our walk his responsibility. ahhhh. 🙂

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