Yeah it Got Breezy


A few days ago I was in Mill Cove talking to the guys building a new weir. I took this shot of a mooring stake in the water. The wind was dead calm, it was relatively warm, the gulls and ducks were enjoying themselves, and I enjoyed the view.

This next photo is of the same Cove yesterday.


We didn’t get more than a few flakes of snow. However, we did get rain, freezing rain, ice pellets, and wind. Lots of wind.

I heard one bang outside my house and things started flying past the windows. It was the recycling bin – I decided to postpone that cleanup until today.


I saw a few trees come down as I drove around (and I know there were more) but none of them landed on power lines this time.

Remember I told you a friend had hundreds of brown miller moths the other day? Yesterday morning another friend had them battering at her window. She chose not to rescue them. It’s not July kids – your calendars are really messed up.


When I was growing up there was a picture (painting or print, I was too young to distinguish between the two) of an ocean scene hanging in the house.

It disappeared at some point and I don’t know why or what happened to it. What I do know is that the ocean was a weird (to me) grey colour. Who knew someday I’d be living in that artist’s world? πŸ™‚



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