The Ups & Downs of Age or Don’t Mess With the Old Lady


I received my Property Tax (PT) Assessment yesterday. The good news is that I spent part of the morning doing the online applications for the PT Credit and the PT Allowance. There are a few perks to being old and low-income. 🙂

One of the downsides, of course, is being dismissed because you’re older than the majority of the population. Boomer is apparently an insult. Not to me but then I don’t count. lol

The Coronavirus scare has exacerbated the sense of “on the shelf” many older people feel. I’ve gotten really tired of reading social media posts that say it’s not really a problem because it will only kill the elderly (they never mention the kids). Don’t even get me started on Faux News pundits.


Yesterday I gave a man sh*t for using a racist term in front of me. Today I was talking to a fisherman at the Harbour and he actually said “I don’t know why people are so worried, it’s only going to kill old people and they’re not going to live long anyway.”

I replied with a few choice phrases including “You know we can hear you, right?” I guess in a world full of anti-vaxers, MLM Huns, and idiots who drink bleach, it’s not surprising that stuff only matters (to some people) if it affects their generation.

I said to my companion afterwards that I’m probably developing a reputation as a grump. He agreed. Honestly, that’s better than being irrelevant. grin


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