Going the Distance


Even the geese are keeping their distance. 🙂 It’s not very hard on this Island of course. There aren’t a lot of people to begin with, still extra measures are put in place anyway.

The small corner store has a drive-thru window now so you don’t have to go inside and mingle.


I had to go get a blood test yesterday so I took advantage of the excuse and went for a walk with 3 dogs. Fish is there somewhere. It’s just that he gets easily distracted and they kept losing him.

The Clinic’s doors are kept locked and they have to expect you or you won’t get in. I waited outside til they came to get me and answered all the questions. Strange times call for stringent precautions.


It felt good to get some exercise and it’s the first time in 2 years that I’ve done a 1 hour walk.

Of course, do something once with a dog and they expect it to be routine. It’ll be no hardship though – the trails in the Park are beautiful.


We heard a coyote on the way back but it kept its distance (there’s a pattern here). I put Fish on the leash anyway – the 150 lb dog would be fine, my dog would be a snack.

I know Ahuva will be shocked but I’m going to try and do some baking today. Just scones. Maybe one day I’ll attempt to work out my fancy bread machine. Or maybe I’ll just read another book. After a walk of course. 🙂



  1. I’m not shocked – I’m very proud of you! I have to confess – I am no longer baking our bread. My brother-in-law is giving us fresh bread daily. 🙂 His bread is AMAZING. He and my sister and the 2 of us figure we are one family germ pool so we have actually been in each other’s homes once a week to have dinner together. Other than that we are being good isolationists. We rely on video conferencing for lectures, for socializing, for sing-alongs. Now we’re planning to do our Passover seder with Zoom – pulling our friends and family in from all over the country. What strange times. Good luck with the scones. They are not difficult. Biscuits can be even more forgiving if you want a recipe for them. 🙂 And there are some very good packages for bread machines – Hodgson Mill and Red Mill are good. It’s sunny today, and somewhat warm. I’m hoping I can manage a walk this afternoon.

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