We were out at low tide this morning – a good time to see all the crap under the wharf. šŸ™‚ It’s also the best time to do some work on weirs – in the case of some guys in Herring Cove the work involves replacing a few of the stakes.

There are quite a few weirs around the Island and more planned. I’ve mentioned before the number of so far unused stakes floating here and there.

I didn’t spend too long driving around. It seems cooler today so I might, maybe, perhaps get some work done splitting wood. There are some urgent tasks indoors and it really depends on how long they take.

In other random news, Blink has tripled in size in the past 3 weeks. She’s now all the things you want to see in a healthy kitten including an enormous appetite. Unfortunately, for me, she takes after Ciaran in her love for people food. I anticipate that many of my meals will be spent fighting them off.

She is still very wary of me and it was a shock to both of us when she followed Ciaran and Duff onto my bed the other night. The good news is that she stuck around even when she realized it was me under the covers. There was loud purring when I gently rubbed her belly. However, distrust was her predominant position again in the daytime.

I had one successful breakthrough though. A friend of mine who insists he won’t eat “foreign food” agreed to try something at the new restaurant. Now, his definition of “foreign” is “different”, since he eats tacos and lasagna. He’s not alone – another friend accused me of trying to poison him when I got him to try Ponzu.

Anyway, I persuaded my reluctant friend to try a shawarma – and gave him a burger as backup. He loved it and said he’d eat there anytime. The burger was really good too.

They hope to stay open all year, but I did mention that the ferry might not and that the population will be greatly reduced when all the tourists leave. They have other plans (which include a bar) and so far are very pleased with their reception. As one woman said to me “it’s just nice to have something other than white bread food.”

Speaking of tourists – it turns out a pile driver is better than an alarm clock. I hope they weren’t planning to sleep in. šŸ™‚

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